Dog Bite Injuries

dog bite

Dog Bite Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Folsom dog bite lawyer. Dog bites and attacks can lead to many different types of traumatic injury. These can range from a wrist fracture, broken femur, and head injury if pushed down by the dog. It can also include facial scarring, throat injuries, and hand fractures from the dog’s actual bite.

Learn more about laws surrounding dog bite cases and what are the most common defenses to a dog bite claim. California has statutes for dog bites where the dog owner is strictly liable for any injury that is caused by her dog. What was known as the “one-free-bite” rule, has been removed from the law. No longer is a dog owner only liable when the dog has previously shown tendencies toward violence. It is now the law that a dog owner is liable for any injury by the dog to a person in a public place or when the injured person is lawfully on private property. This is all that needs to be shown in a dog bite claim.

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